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What is the difference between red and yellow bone marrow

A. There is no difference

B. Yellow makes blood & red does not

C. Red makes blood & yellow stores fat

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Bleeding inside the chest that causes a lung to collapse away from the chest wall is called:

A. pneumothorax

B. hemorrhage

C. pulmonary edema

D. hemothorax

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What were the treatment arms, and their duration, for the UNITI-1 and UNITI-2 induction studies?

A. Ustekinumab ~6 mg/kg or 130 mg, versus adalimumab over a 12-week period

B. Ustekinumab ~3 mg/kg or 220 mg versus vedolizumab over an 8-week period

C. Ustekinumab ~6 mg/kg or 130 mg, versus placebo over an 8-week period

D. Ustekinumab ~4 mg/kg versus adalimumab and placebo over a 12-week period