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Skeletal System Quiz

Which bone cell secretes the bony matrix?

A. Osteoprogenitor

B. Osteocyte

C. Osteoblast

D. Osteoclast

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Oxygenation › View

Nurse Domenick knows that in absorption atelectasis which of the following occurs when there is administration of high concentration of oxygen?

A. Nitrogen is diluted and replaced with oxygen

B. Carbon dioxide is concentrated

C. Oxygen is concentrated in the alveoli

D. Nitrogen is concentrated in the alveoli

Cardiovascular System › View

Which disease occurs when not enough oxygen is supplied to the body tissues, which results from a low amount of red blood cells, hemoglobin, or both?

A. Leukemia

B. Anemia

C. Congestive Heart Failure

D. Aneurysm