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Orthopedic Surgeon Quiz


T/F: Foot and ankle mainly deals with bony and soft tissue work

A. T

B. F

T/F: joints usually deals with hip and knee replacements

A. T

B. F

How long is residency?

A. 3 years

B. 5 years

C. 7 years

D. 4 years

In spinal surgery, as an orthopaedic surgeon, you’ll stick to the ____ spine and leave the spinal ____ to neurosurgeons

A. Soft; cord

B. Bony; Nerves

C. Bony; cord

D. Soft; nerves

T/F: Orthopaedic residency is significantly more inpatient than outpatient

A. T

B. F

T/F: Hand surgery is second most competitive

A. T

B. F

What does targeted muscle reinnervation allow patients to do?

A. Experience better blood flow

B. Use prosthetics with more function with rerouted nerves

C. Be stronger

D. Attach prosthetics to their arm

What is the most common fellowship for ortho?

A. Joints

B. Hands

C. Sports

D. Pediatrics

Since orthopaedic oncology is so small, surgeons would likely be working where?

A. Rural areas

B. Major hospitals

C. Swedish


Paideia means what?

A. Bones

B. Incisions

C. Rearing of children

D. Casting

T/F: In foot and ankle, it is unlikely you will see diabetic foot infections because that is reserved for podiatrists

A. T

B. F

T/F: A great deal of pediatrics is operative

A. T

B. F

Orthopaedic surgeons specializing in tumors will mostly be dealing parts of the body. EXCEPT

A. extremeties

B. spine

C. joints

D. pelvis

T/F: trauma tends to be predictable

A. T

B. F

T/F: podiatry generally deals with more nonoperative treatments

A. T

B. F


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