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Neuroanatomy Quiz

What part of your brain stores episodic memories?

A. Hippocampus

B. Cerebellum

C. Cerebrum

D. Amygdala

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Nervous / Sensory System › View

The two major parts of the nervous system are the

A. brain and spinal cord

B. central and somatic nervous systems

C. sympathetic and parasympathetic systems.

D. peripheral and central nervous systems

Vision › View

Culture has been shown to influence our visual system in which of the following ways?

A. Formal education has no impact on our visual system but societal and cultural norms do.

B. Formal education, cultural norms and expectations, and our visual systems influence depth cues.

C. Prior learning is not essential to recognise pictures.

D. People from all cultures interpret depth cues in similar ways.