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Transportation and Excretion Quiz

Small openings called ______ are found on the underside of leaves and allow gases to enter or leave the plant cells.

A. Phloem

B. Chloroplasts

C. Xylem

D. Stomata

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Meiosis and intro to Genetics › View

Which of the following genotypes belongs in the red box in the Punnett square?

a. XBXb
b. XbXb
c. XbY
d. XBY

Human Genome and Bioethics Review › View

What did the first/original Human Genome Project do?
A- Sequenced the entire human genome and found we had 20,000 genes that coded for proteins
B- Allowed doctors to be more aware about diseases
C- Created a new resource for life sciences and world wide conservations
D- All of the above