Medical Quiz

Respiratory System Quiz

If a person could not produce surfactant, his/her:

A. Alveoli would collapse

B. Bronchi would collapse

C. Vocal chords could not vibrate

D. Epiglottis would close

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The Headlines read: The anatomy class killed Mr. Cobb! First emotionally, and then physically. It was a gruesome scene, because Mr. Cobb put up a pretty good fight with his trusty stapler and bones from the dismembered skeleton. Anyway, after they killed him, they threw his body out the window in defiance in the celebration of his death. After a few hours his lifeless body began to stiffen. What is going on with Mr. Cobb’s body?

A. tetanus

B. cramps

C. rigor mortis

D. lactic acid buildup

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Which gland sits atop each kidney?

A. adrenal         

B.  thymus          

C. pituitary        

D.  pancreas