Medical Quiz

Body Quiz


Ria’s mother is thirty two years old she is likely to have____

A. 20permanent teeth

B. 32 permanent teeth

C. 20 temporary teeth

D. 32 pemporary teeth

The stomach is a muscular ____ like organ

A. Long

B. Bag

C. Thick

D. Short

Our ___ helps us to know the taste of different food items

A. Ears

B. Nose

C. Tongue

Permanent teeth are ___ I number

A. 32

B. 30

C. 20

D. 40

Milk teeth are ___ in number

A. 30

B. 20

C. 10

D. 32

Name the organ
A.     Heart
B.     Lungs
C.     Liver
D.     Kidney

Brush your teeth twice a ____

A. Day

B. Month

C. Week

D. Fifteendays

What is the shape of the stomach

A. Round

B. Oval

C. Pear

A new born baby has___ teeth

A. Ten

B. No

C. One

D. Five

The —- sets of teeths are formed during once life time of a man

A. Two

B. One

C. Three

D. Four

Liver helps in digestion of..
A.     Fats
B.     Carbohydrates
C.     Proteins

Daily drink____glasses of water

A. 2–3

B. 8–10

C. 1–2

D. 3–4

What is protected by the skull?

A. Lungs

B. Brain

C. Heart

D. Head

Teeth used to tear food into pieces are known as___

A. Incisors

B. Canines

C. Molats

D. Premolard

Unwashed fruits and vegetables can carry germs of____

A. Healthy

B. Disease

C. Goodhealth

D. None of these

How long is the kidney?

A. 4-5 inches

B. 5-6 inches

C. 6-8 inches

____is the organ through which food enters the stomach

A. Liver

B. Stomach

C. Foodpipe

D. Small intestine

Teeth give ___ to our face

A. Shape

B. Look

C. Smart

D. Colour

Flies can transfer___ to uncoverd food

A. Germs

B. Taste

C. Smell

D. Colour

The upper left and right chambers are called

A. Ventricles

B. Autria

C. Atria

Flat teeth are in the ___ of the mouth

A. Back

B. Front

C. Middle

D. Last

Select an internal body part

A. Eyes

B. Skin

C. Kidney

D. Nose

Blood circulation occurs through…

A. Veins

B. Blood vessels

C. Arteries

D. Heart

Wash your hands before after____

A. Eating

B. Bathing

C. Sleeping

D. None of these

Saliva is secreted by _____

A. Liver

B. Salivary glands

C. Stomach

D. Foodpipe


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