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The Large Intestine is responsible for removing water from the undigested food, turning it from a liquid paste into solid waste.



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Personal Growth Plan › View

What does the Sales Orientation/Leadership scale measure on the Personal Skills Map?

A. It measures your ability to read the emotions of others.

B. It measures how you perceive your skills at positively impacting and influencing the actions of other people.

C. It measures your likeliness of succeeding in a sales career.

D. It measures how good you are at giving directions.

Macro and Micro Nutrients › View

When trying to ensure that you are getting all the proper nutrients,

A. try to make sure that each meal is represented by a variety of colours.

B. try to make sure that each meal is represented by a variety of food groups.

C. try to change your meals regularly so that your body is getting a variety of nutrients daily, weekly and throughout the year.

D. all of the above.