Medical Quiz

Bacteria, Viruses, Protozoa Fungi Quiz


What can yeast be used for?

A. Making eggs

B. Wax for candles

C. Making bread

D. Making syrup

The study of covid-19 is …

A. Pathology

B. Morphology

C. Virology

D. Bacteriology

What has a flagella, and get their food by either going through photosynthesis OR hunting for food.

A. Paramecium

B. Euglena

C. Amoeba

What makes fungi different from plants?

A. Their chloroplasts are located on the cap rather than the leaves.

B. Their cell walls are made of chitin rather than cellulose.

C. Fungi can only live in moist places while plants can live anywhere.

What is the name of this bacteria?

A. Bacillus

B. Coccus

C. Spirilla

What is the type of covid-19 in classification

A. Fungi

B. Bacterial

C. Virus

D. Amoeba

What shape is bacteria?

A. Round

B. Straight

C. Twisted

D. All of these

What is the name of this bacteria?

A. Bacillus

B. Coccus

C. Spirilla

Identify the microbe?

A. bacteria

B. virus

C. protozoa

D. fungus

What is the name of pandemic in this time

A. Corona

B. Thypoid

C. Pest

D. Small pox

What type of water should you use to wash your hands?

A. Cold water

B. Dirty water

C. Hot water

D. Warm water

What bacteria is rod shaped and moves by sliding forward?

A. Bacillus

B. Coccus

C. Spirilla

Following simple medical equipment to avoid yourself from a virus attack …

A. Syringe, thermometer, mask

B. Mask, thermometer, hand sanitizer

C. Stethoscope, cotton, mask

D. Mask, hand sanitizer, ultrasound machine


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