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Nutrition In Animal Quiz


which is not a part of Alimentary Canal?

A. food pipe

B. liver

C. Anus

D. Buccal cavity

Length of Small Intestine is _____ meter.

A. 1.5

B. 1

C. 7

D. 7.5

What happens in the process of digestion?

A. mixed substance convert into complex one

B. simpler substance convert into complex substance

C. complex substance convert into simpler one

D. all of above

Bile Juice is stored in ______.

A. Liver

B. Gall Bladder

C. Pancreas

D. small Intestine

Amoeba capture Food through ______.

A. leg

B. mouth

C. Vacuole

D. Hand

The partially digested food in grass eating animals is known as _____.

A. Rumen

B. caecum

C. Cud

D. Cellulose

Due to presence of _____ in Tongue we can taste different type of food.

A. Saliva

B. Teeth

C. Muscular part of tongue

D. taste bud

In Grass eating Animal, the digested food is stored at _____.

A. Rumen

B. caecum

C. Stomach

D. Vacuole

Match the Column.


1. Carbohydrate

2. Protein

3. Fats


a. Amino acid

b. Fatty Acid and Glycerol

c. Sugar

A. 1 —- a , 2 — b , 3 —- c

B. 1 — c , 2—- a , 3 —- b

C. 1 —- c , 2 —- b , 3 —- a

D. 1 —- a , 2 —- c , 3 —- b

Which is the largest gland of Our Body?

A. Pancreas

B. pituitary

C. Liver

D. Salivary

Arrange the types of Teeth from middle to backward.

a) Molar

b) Pre-molar

c) Incisor

d) Canine

A. d , c , b , a

B. a , b , c , d

C. c , d , b , a

D. d , c , b , a

Arrange in correct order of Human digestive processes.

a) Assimilation

b) Digestion

c) Egestion

d) Absorption

e) Ingestion

A. e , b , d , a , c

B. a , b , c , d , e

C. e , b , a , d , c

D. e , b , c , d , b

Food pipe of human being is also known as _______

A. Esophagus

B. rectum

C. Rumen

D. Nasal Cavity

Among the following which is not a gland that take part in human digestive system?

A. Salivary Gland

B. Liver

C. Stomach

D. Pancreas

The shape of Stomach is _____

A. L

B. J

C. U

D. O

Finger like projections in Amoeba are called _____.

A. Villi

B. Valve

C. Skin

D. Pseudopodia

Digestion in human being starts at ______

A. food pipe

B. Buccal Cavity

C. anus

D. stomach

What are the functions of Pseudopodia in Amoeba?

A. capture food

B. help in Locomotion

C. Both a and b

D. Only a

which animal pops out its stomach while taking food and then the stomach gets into the body?

A. Human

B. Amoeba

C. cow

D. Star fish

Finger like projections of Small intestine is known as ____.

A. Pseudopodia

B. Valve

C. Screen

D. Villi


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