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Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology Quiz

A gene for disease resistance in fir trees is transferred to pine trees using modern DNA technology. How might this be economically helpful to tree farmers?

A. Abnormal pine tree growth would be eliminated.

B. Erosion of topsoil would no longer be a concern.

C. Pine trees would be safe from pine beetle attacks.

D. More pine trees would live to maturity, increasing lumber output.

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What is a germ?

A. a virus

B. pizza

C. insects

D. soap

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I. Food allergy is an adverse immune-mediated reaction to a food that a person has been sensitized to, and which, when eaten, causes the release of inflammatory mediators or chemicals that act on body tissues and results in symptoms.

II. Food intolerances is an adverse reaction to a food or food additive that does not involve the immune system and results from the body’s inability to digest, absorb, or metabolize a food or component of the food.

A. Statement I is correct

B. Statement II is correct

C. Both statements are correct

D. Both statements are incorrect