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Bacterial Resistance and Biotechnology Quiz

A gene for disease resistance in fir trees is transferred to pine trees using modern DNA technology. How might this be economically helpful to tree farmers?

A. Abnormal pine tree growth would be eliminated.

B. Erosion of topsoil would no longer be a concern.

C. Pine trees would be safe from pine beetle attacks.

D. More pine trees would live to maturity, increasing lumber output.

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DNA › View

Which of the following is the best explanation of the process of translation?

A. An mRNA strand is copied from the original DNA sequence.

B. Amino acids are placed in order to build a protein.

C. A piece of DNA is moved along the chromosome.

D. DNA is changed due to a mistake or environmental factor.

Dermatology Vocabulary › View

sensation; feeling

A. esthes/o-

B. onych/o-

C. lacer/o-

D. integu/o-