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The Nervous System Quiz


If you laugh when you hear a funny story, what nerves control that action?

A. Autonomic nerves

B. Autonomic nerves

C. Sensory nerves

A nerve cell is also called a ………

A. neuron

B. meuron

C. norway

D. heron

Which part of the nervous system carries communication signals around the body?

A. Brain

B. Nerves

C. Spinal cord

D. Blood vessels

Eating too much of which nutrients will harm the brain?

A. Sugar

B. Healthy lipid

C. Vitamins

A typical brain weighs how much?

A. 1.4 kilogram

B. 50 grams

C. 2 tons

D. 8 kilograms

What activities do autonomic nerves control?

A. Heartbeat

B. Walking

C. Crying

Our skin cannot sense ……………….

A. pain

B. light

C. heat

D. cold

The nervous system is made up of these three parts:

A. Brain, heart, and spinal cord

B. Brain, spinal cord, and nerves

C. Nerves, stomach, and liver

D. Nerves, liver, and heart


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