Medical Quiz

Circulation and Excretion Quiz

What regulates human respiration rate?

A. oxygen levels

B. carbon monoxide levels

C. carbon dioxide levels

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Factors that Affect Health and Wellness › View

Lifestyle behaviors can include which of the following:

A. not going to bed at a decent hour

B. your family history

C. your environment

D. genetics

STNA (State Tested Nursing Assistant) › View

A resident in rehabilitation is learning how to use a cane for the first time. Which of the following would be the best guideline for a nursing assistant to follow when helping this resident?

A. The NA should have the resident hold the cane on the resident’s stronger side.

B. The NA should have the resident hold the cane on the resident’s weaker side.

C. The NA should have the resident place the cane about 12 inches in front of her weaker side when ambulating.

D. The NA should stay on the resident’s stronger side when ambulating.