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Circulation and Excretion Quiz

The principal nitrogenous excretory compound in humans is synthesised

A. In kidneys but eliminated mostly through liver

B. In liver and also eliminated by the same through bile

C. In kidneys as well as eliminated by kidneys

D. In the liver but eliminated mostly through kidneys

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Which of the following landmarks are not found on the scapula?

A. Xiphoid process

B. Spine

C. Acromion

D. Medial Border

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45 y/o Heather has loved to sew all her life. However, she has noted that her fingers are beginning to sway outward, making it difficult to hold a needle and thread. Her joints also hurt. The doctor examined Heather and noted that she has inflammation in the lining of the joints, pain and swelling. The doctor explained to Heather that she has an autoimmune process and her diagnosis is__________________________.

A. Osteoporosis

B. Osteoarthritis

C. Rheumatoid arthritis

D. Normal aging