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Circulation and Excretion Quiz

If you cut yourself and apply pressure to the cut for several minutes and it is still bleeding, what could be wrong?

A. mast cells are not releasing the chemical messengers

B. platelets are not working properly

C. hemoglobin levels are too high

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Medical Suffixes Nutrient Cycling Parts of Human Body Movement Pediatric Cardiology Neuroanatomy of CNS Psoriasis EMR - Trauma Disease Prevention Illnesses and Diseases in Caregiving Major Nutrients Urinary System, Fluid, Electrolyte and ph Balance Degeneration Pathology Consciousness and Sleep Regulation of Heart Rate

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The ingredients reqired to prepare pumkin curry

A. pumkin

B. pumkin salt, oil, spices

C. pumkin, salt

D. pumkin ,oil

Immune System › View

It is the body’s first line of defense

A. External Barricades

B. Internal Defenses

C. Antimicrobrial Proteins

D. Attack Cells