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there are 3 ureters



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You do not really want to get your 3 children vaccinated. Your view is why do it when others around you will get the vaccine and end up protecting you and your children. Which is an accurate statement that your physician may provide to you in response to your challenge to vaccination?

A. This is not a smart choice. If enough people choose not to get vaccinated, the susceptible population grows to a large size, breaking the protective effect of herd immunity

B. Your choice is fine; your children will never become infected since this is actually the basis of herd immunity.

C. This is not a smart choice. You could face potential arrest for not vaccinating your child per the regulations of the U.S. government.

D. Your choice is fine; maybe you will change your mind when your child goes to college.

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How are genetic traits passed down from generation to generation?

A. Chromosomes

B. Reproduction


D. Genes