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Eye and Ear Quiz

Fill in the missing structures to complete the pathway of vision:  Images in light > ________ >___________ >________ > light rays are bent or refracted > _____________ > rods and cones pick up stimulus > optic nerve > optic chiasma > optic tracts > occipital lobe.

A. Pupil>Cornea>Lens>Retina

B. Cornea>Pupil>Lens>Retina

C. Cornea>Pupil>Retina>Lens

D. Pupil>Cornea>Retina>Lens

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proteins represent ………..% of blood plasma

A. 90

B. 7

C. 2

D. 1

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Surgery classification based on the degree of urgency is considered emergent if it is scheduled within 24 to 30 hours.