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Eye and Ear Quiz

Fill in the missing structures to complete the pathway of vision:  Images in light > ________ >___________ >________ > light rays are bent or refracted > _____________ > rods and cones pick up stimulus > optic nerve > optic chiasma > optic tracts > occipital lobe.

A. Pupil>Cornea>Lens>Retina

B. Cornea>Pupil>Lens>Retina

C. Cornea>Pupil>Retina>Lens

D. Pupil>Cornea>Retina>Lens

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Nutrition In Animal Cardiovascular System Terminology ESR (RBC sed rate) Joints Renal, Cancer, HIV IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Deficiency Diseases Muscoskeletal Injuries Cardiovascular Med Terms Enzymes Cartilage Leaves Composition of Blood and Blood Cells Hygiene and Nutrition Homeostasis - Vision Correction

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Determine the appropriate class for a medication used for sleep. For example, the controlled-release tablet is not limited to short-term use, but a different dose is recommended for females: zolpidem (Ambien).

A. Anticonfulsant


C. Non-benzodiazepine

D. Benzodiazepine (BZD)

Speed, Flexibility part of Components of Physical Fitness › View

The ability of joints to move beyond the normal range

A. Speed

B. Balance

C. Flexibility

D. Body Mass