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Dermatology Vocabulary Quiz

The suffix -dactyly, as in polydactyly, means ________.

A. abnormal condition of the skin

B. condition of fingers, condition of toes

C. process of reshaping by surgery

D. platelike structure

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An excess number of eosinophils that may be on the periphery of the slide. Not disease but shows something is wrong.

A. Polycythemia Vera

B. Sickle-cell Anemia

C. Iron Deficiency Anemia

D. Eosinophilia

E. Infectious Mononucleosis

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What is the main reason for eating a wide variety of foods? 
A. to learn the food label
B. to provide all the nutrients you need 
C. to keep from getting bored with your diet 
D. to help improve physical fitness