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The student was very interested in studying the environment, so the teacher recommended that she check out books in ____________ section of the library.
A. ecology
B. sociology
C. cardiology
D. dermatology

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Heart Anatomy Skeleton and Muscles Musculoskeletal - Clinical Blood Typing Properties of The Hair and Scalp Sterile Medication Products Properties of the Hair Nervous System Functioning EMR - Trauma The Cell Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Heart Structure and Double Circulation Cartilage Motor Neuron Disease Anatomy Muscles

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Water is necessary for life. How is it introduced into the body?

A. during mitosis and the creation of cells in the womb

B. by drinking fluids

C. by absorption through the skin

D. by breathing it in from the environment

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Lack of blood cells

A. Tissue

B. Avascularity

C. Histology

D. Innervation