Medical Quiz

ology & phobia Quiz

fear of animals

A. zoophobia

B. ailurophobia

C. ornithophobia

D. arachnophobia

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Absorption, Lymphatic System, and Blood Vessels Bone Lungs Disorders of The Joints Inhalation Injury Introduction to Mycology The Ear Regulation of Heart Rate Nail Diseases and Disorders Illnesses and Diseases in Caregiving Body Systems Pathophysiology Enzyme CLPT, M.Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics; Regulatory Affairs Types of Immunity

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Nutrition › View

Which of the following organs is INCORRECTLY paired with its function?

A. stomach – protein digestion

B. large intestine – bile production

C. small intestine – nutrient absorption

D. pancreas – enzyme production

Pathogens › View

Which is NOT considered FIRST line of defense?

A. White Blood Cells

B. Skin

C. Hair

D. Mucous Membranes