Medical Quiz

Covid-19 Quiz

What should I do if I am showing signs of the coronavirus?

A. Stay home and rest

B. go to school

C. go to the doctor

D. go to a concert

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Introduction to Histology Micro Immunology Parts of Human Body Regulation of Urine Formation Animal Genetics and Nutrition Gene Cloning The Musculoskeletal System Cosmetology Discovery of DNA Bacteriology Stress Balanced Diet Joints & Movement Skeletal System Infection Control

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A group of genes on chromosome 6 that encode the major histocompatibility complex

A. Human Leukocyte Antigen System or HLA System

B. Endocrine System

C. Hypothalamohypophysial Portal System

D. Arginine Vasotocin

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The facial nerve (CN VII) controls eye muscle movement and pupil dilation.