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Covid-19 Quiz


Are viruses living or non-living?

A. living

B. non-living

C. a little of both

D. zombies

How did the Coronavirus start? Due to…

A. a fish.

B. a bird.

C. a snake.

D. a bat.

What is the scientific name for the Coronavirus?

A. Pneumonia

B. Influenza


Coronavirus has mostly affected which age group?

A. elderly 50-80 yrs old

B. young children 0-12 yrs old

C. young adults 21-35 yrs old

D. middle-aged 35-50

Where do people suspect the Coronavirus came from?

A. Insects

B. A tourist

C. An animal market

D. Americans

How to avoid the virus?

A. Play outside the house

B. Stay at home

C. Attend a wedding party

D. Go abroad

What is the famous words of Corona

A. Stay Out home

B. Go to the mall

C. Stay at home

D. Eat a lot

What are some symptoms of the Coronavirus?

A. runny nose, sore throat, dizziness, cough, chills, and fever

B. seizures, sore throat, dizziness, cough, chills, and fever

C. seizures, sore throat, dizziness, cough, chills, and vommitting

D. none of the above

A good way of stopping Coronavirus is…

A. eating fruit.

B. drinking hot milk.

C. wearing a mask.

D. washing hands.

How to prevent the virus from spreading?

A. use face mask

B. eat a lot

C. play in a group of friends

D. go shopping

Which of the following is NOT a Coronavirus symptom?

A. Fever

B. Breathing problems

C. Vomiting

D. Coughing

Where have cases been reported?

A. China

B. Italy

C. Japan

D. All of the above

Practicing ” social distancing ” means you should…

A. Stop talking to friends and family

B. NEVER leave your house

C. Stay several feet away from others whenever possible

a disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals is….?

A. hypnotic

B. stenotic

C. zoonotic

D. none of these

What does it mean when a city is quarantined during a virus outbreak?

A. Everyone in the city is infected

B. No one can enter or leave city

C. The city population is immune to the virus

D. Doctors in the city are developing a cure

How does the virus spread?

A. touching an infected person

B. touching a surface with the virus

C. droplets of the virus from a sneeze

D. all of the above

When did the Coronavirus start?

A. Sep-19

B. Oct-19

C. Nov-19

D. Dec-19

The coronavirus is in the shape of a

A. fish

B. orange

C. pineapple

D. crown

If you are in quarantine, you must…

A. see a doctor.

B. stay away from other people.

C. call an ambulance

D. go to the hospital.

Coronavirus infections are likely to be more serious for:

A. Teens

B. Active Adults

C. Frequent Flyers

D. People with weakened immune systems

In which city in China did the Coronavirus start?

A. Wuhan

B. Shangai

C. Hong Kong

D. Beijing

The coronavirus possibly came from

A. a bat

B. a snake

C. reptile – pangolins

D. all of the above

To contract the Coronavirus, you first have to come into contact with it through..

A. an infected person’s respiratory secretions like a cough or sneeze.

B. physical contact with an infected person.

C. physically touching a surface that the virus is on and then touching your mouth or nose before washing your hands.

D. All of the above

What should I do if I am showing signs of the coronavirus?

A. Stay home and rest

B. go to school

C. go to the doctor

D. go to a concert

What does the WHO stand for?

A. World Health Organization

B. World Happiness Organization

C. Wuhan Health Organization

D. None of the above


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