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the study of the environment

A. ecology

B. geology

C. anthropology

D. biology

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Macro and Micro Nutrients Conjunctivita IV Therapy and Blood Transfusion Gene Expression Source of Food Illness and Symptoms Vitamins and Minerals Components of Physical Fitness Pathology Oxygenation ESR (RBC sed rate) Prehabilitation and Conditioning The Circulatory System Disorders of The Joints Non-Communicable Disease

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The Human Eye › View

What is the aqueous humor?

A. fibers that hold the lens in place

B. thin structure that controls pupil

C. clear, watery fluid

D. helps refract light to the retina

Nutrition › View

Phagocytosis by amoeba is

A. Parasitic nutrition

B. Holozoic nutrition

C. Saprophytic nutrition

D. Autotrophic nutrition