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Pancreas Quiz


Which component of the pancreas that produces hormone to regulate blood sugar

A. Acinar Cells

B. Beta Cells

C. Delta Cells

D. Islet of Langerhans

Glucagon is released in response to:

A. low blood glucose levels

B. high blood glucose levels

C. low blood salt levels

D. low blood calcium levels

Insulin is released in response to:

A. low blood glucose levels

B. low blood calcium levels

C. high blood glucose levels

D. high blood calcium levels

Glucagon targets:

A. the pancreas

B. all cells of the body

C. the liver

D. mostly fat cells

A gland that secretes through ducts.

A. Endocrine

B. Exocrine

What are the functions of Pancreas?

A. Helps in digestion and regulating blood pressure

B. Helps in digestion and regulating blood sugar

C. Helps in blood sugar regulation and produces insulin

D. Helps in blood sugar regulation and produces glucagon


A. allows for a wildly fluctuating internal environment

B. is impossible in vertebrates

C. is the maintenance of a relatively stable internal environment and often incorporates a form of feedback regulation

First section of the small intestine responsible for continued digestion.

A. duodenum

B. ileium

C. pancreas

D. rectum

Which of the following is a disease where sufferers cannot control their blood glucose levels?

A. Diabetes

B. Influenza

C. Cholera

D. Cystic fibrosis

A gland which secretes directly into the bloodstream.

A. Endocrine

B. Exocrine

Choose one which not the function of Insulin

A. Convert glycogen to glucose

B. Oxidise glucose for energy

C. Convert glucose to glycogen for storage

D. Process glucose uptake from body

When glucose levels in the blood rise, your brain sends a signal to your pancreas. The pancreas releases insulin, which opens channels in cell membranes to allow glucose to enter the cell, lowering blood sugar levels. 

A. Positive Feedback Response

B. Negative Feedback Loop 


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