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Pollution Quiz


Which of these problems can be caused by air pollution?
A. Respiratory problems
B. Reduced food sources for humans
C. Increased disease for humans
D. Decrease in global temperatures

Which human action can cause pollution?

A. Walking

B. Biking

C. Mining

D. Recycling

Which one of the choices below is NOT a  cause for global warming?
A. Having too many cows
B. Burning Fossil Fuels
C. Planting new trees

What is this difference between global warming and the greenhouse effect?
A. Global warming refers to a change in the Earth’s climate that is causing it to heat up; the greenhouse effect is a natural process that happens constantly, due to sunlight and the atmosphere.
B. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the same thing.
C. The greenhouse effect comes within global warming.
D. Global warming comes within the greenhouse effect

Why does cutting down trees increase global warming?
A. trees soak up carbon dioxide
B. trees provide shade which counteracts global warming
C. trees absorbs the sun’s energy without radiating back into the atmosphere
D. trees drain greenhouse gases like methane from soil

This picture shows people walking through a highly-polluted city in China. From what type of pollution are they protecting themselves based on what they are wearing?
A.     air pollution
B.     water pollution
C.     land pollution
D.     noise pollution

Why is the increase of Greenhouse gasses a big issue?
A. It causes climate change and increase in the global temerature 
B. It can lead to a major increase in Greenhouses 
C. It leads to more factories
D. It causes a major decrease in people

I can cut down on pollution by_____

A. Walking to the store

B. Driving to the store

C. Throwing everything away

D. Using styrofoam cups

Sunlight reacts with waste gases from the burning of fossil fuels to form

A. greenhouse gases

B. chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

C. photochemical smog

D. rain

Where is pollution found on the earth?
A. only in the air
B. only on the land
C. only in the water
D. on land, in the air, and in the water

Which is one reason that trash and litter can hurt wildlife?
A. Wildlife are afraid of human garbage.
B. Trash covers the scent of other animals they are hunting.
C. Wildlife may try to eat plastics and choke on them.
D. Trash and litter removes their camouflage.

What are the main sources of water pollution?

A. Plastic, Paper, and Metal

B. Snails in water

C. Help, there is a boot with a snake inside of it that somehow in the nearby lake.

D. Agriculture, Industry, and Community

There is nothing we can do to stop water pollution.



It was hot all week last week.  Is this a sign of climate change?
A. Yes
B. No

The main human activity that releases greenhouse gases is
A. using bottled water
B. burning fossil fuels
C. texting on cellphones
D. eating meat

Which of the following is the most troubling greenhouse gas being produced by humans?
A. Water Vapor
B. Carbon Dioxide
C. Methane
D. Nitrous Oxide

Harmful ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is absorbed by

A. clouds

B. ozone molecules

C. soil

D. water

Which object is NOT carried by runoff into streams and rivers?

A. ozone

B. fertilizer

C. pesticides

D. sediment

The gradual increase in the temperature of the atmosphere is known as ________________.
A. Greenhouse Effect
B. Global Warming
C. Carbon Dioxide Gases
D. Methane

Define Deforestation

A. the growing of crops on the rooftop

B. the cutting down and removal of all or most of the trees in a forested area.

C. the setting up of factories in an urban area

D. the sending of money home after working overseas

This type of pollution inhibits people from seeing the stars and planets.

A. Light Pollution

B. Water Pollutilon

C. Air Pollution

D. Land pollution

We can prevent water pollution by:

A. Reduce the use of plastic.

B. Properly dispose of chemicals.

C. Clean up after your animals.

D. All of the above

Worldwide, temperatures have been increasing for more than 100 years.  Is this evidence of global warming?
A. yes
B. no

Which of the following is NOT an effect of Global Warming?
A. Polar ice caps will melt.
B. Coastal regions will be covered with rising sea levels.
C. Some areas will experience serious droughts
D. The Earth’s rotation will slow down and eventually stop

Which way can people best reduce land pollution caused by large amounts of waste dumped in landfills?
A. They can use a water filter to use fewer water bottles.
B. They can recycle their plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard items and only throw away non-recyclable items.
C. They can watch less television, reducing electricity use and allowing their electronics to last much longer.
D. They can refill large plastic containers, like those used for laundry detergent, instead of throwing them away.


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