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Microrganisms Quiz


Choose a product with bacteria that causes positive effects in our body

A. yogurt

B. Mushrooms

C. yeast

D. Chicken pox

Bacteria is known as__________________ in an ecosystem when feeding on dead organisms.

A. Decomposers

B. Herbivore

C. Pathogens

D. Infections

Fungi is benefical to us because of the following reason:

A. They are a source of oxygen

B. They can clean up pollution

C. They are a source of antibiotics

D. They help to clean run off from waste

Mushroom belongs to

A. Algae

B. Virus

C. Fungi

D. None of the above

Rhizobium bacteria

A. Help in Digestion

B. Help in nitrogen fixation

C. Cause diseases

D. All the above

An example of symbiotic relationship is found in:

A. Moulds

B. Bacteriophase

C. Aspergillus

D. Lichens

A preparation of weakened or killed pathogens.

A. Bacteria

B. Antibiotic Resistance

C. Vaccine

D. Capsid

They grow in humid and decomposed areas…

A. Virus

B. Baterias

C. Fungis

They help us to “bake” bread properly…

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Fungi

A bacteria responsible for curdling of milk is:

A. Lactobacillus

B. Rhizobium

C. Oscillatoria

D. Plasmodium

Influenza is a disease caused due to

A. Bacteria

B. virus

C. Protozoa

D. None of the above

Penicillium is a

A. Algae

B. Fungus

C. Bacteria

D. Yeast

Malaria is caused bby

A. Protozoa

B. Virus

C. Algae

D. Bacteria

Which of the following is an example of a harmful microorganism?

A. Fungi used as antibiotics

B. Ecoli on food that makes people sick

C. Bacteria found in yogurt.

D. Microorganisms helping dead matter to decay

Amoeba belongs to

A. Algae

B. Fungi

C. Virus

D. Protozoa

A fungus that grows on stale bread is:

A. Penicillium

B. Aspergillus

C. Rhizopus

D. None

They can help with the production of dairy like yoghurt and cheese.

A. Virus

B. Bacteria

C. Fungi


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