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Which of these is an example of natural selection?
A. The largest animal in a population will have more opportunities for reproduction.
B. Several species of organisms work together so that they all succeed.
C. One species takes all the resources in an environment leaving none for others.
D. Organism that are best suited to an environment tend to survive and reproduce more often.

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A researcher presents two lights of varying brightness to a subject who is asked to respond “same” or “different” by comparing their intensities. The researcher is seeking the

A. just noticeable difference.

B. absolute threshold.

C. subliminal threshold.

D. minimal threshold.

Contemporary Nutrition Issues › View

Why is fibre classified as an active non-nutrient?

A. It is essential in the diet

B. It provides fuel for energy

C. It is not absorbed in the digestive system

D. It provides a range of vitamins and minerals