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Covid-19 Quiz

What is the famous words of Corona

A. Stay Out home

B. Go to the mall

C. Stay at home

D. Eat a lot

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Virus, Bacteria, Immunity Healthy Living Vocabulary Sensory System Key Terms Human Anatomy and Physiology - Types of Tissues Biological Molecules Skin Structure and Growth Source of Food Pulmonology/Respiratory Blood Cells Cell Theory Biology for Engineers Cardiology Medications Ortho Ward Simulation Eye or Nose Injuries Vitamin

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Viruses › View

A/an ________ is an injection of a weakened form of a pathogen to help the individual gain immunity from a disease.

A. Virus

B. Vacuum

C. Vaccine

D. Antibiotic

Hormones › View

What is the hormone secreted when we are in an emergency or a ‘fight or flight’ situation?

A. Adrenaline

B. Aldosterone

C. Thyroxine

D. Insulin