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Covid-19 Quiz

a disease that can be transmitted to humans from animals is….?

A. hypnotic

B. stenotic

C. zoonotic

D. none of these

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Special Senses › View

What statement about the sense of taste is true?

A. Taste is influences by the sense of smell

B. Taste buds are called lacteals

C. There are no taste buds in the back of the tongue

D. There are two main tastes, sweet and salty

Nutrition › View

What is the definition of the ‘Glycaemic Index (GI)’?

A. The daily energy requirement an average height person needs to maintain a healthy weight

B. The daily intake level of a nutrient needed to meet the needs of 97.5% of a population group

C. It was the guideline for daily nutrient intake to meet the needs of most people prior to 1997

D. It is a direct measure of the rate at which blood glucose rises after consuming a carbohydrate food