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What is nutrition?

A. the processes of eating foods necessary for health & growth

B. eating whatever you want

C. exercising sixty minutes a day

D. sleeping

Why do we need macronutrients?

A. To assist the digestive system

B. To provide energy for the body

C. To help with the growth

D. All of the above

What are the three macronutrients?

A. carbs, vitamins, proteins

B. minerals, fats, proteins

C. vitamins, proteins, carbs

D. fats, proteins, carbs

Macronutrients are nutrients we use in large amounts



micronutrients we need

A. vitamins a, vitamins b and vitamins c

B. fat, protein and carbohydrate

C. vitamins a,b,c

D. glucose, amino acids and lipids

What are the different types of nutrition?

A. Carbohydrates, Protein and fats

B. Carbohydrates, Iron and Fats

C. Protein and Carbohydrates

D. Iron, Fats and Carbohydrates

Micronutrients are:

A. nutrients used in small amounts

B. nutrients used in large amounts

C. nutrients we don’t use

D. I don’t know

The nutrition facts panel on food labels include the number of calories per serving.



Macronutrients make up most of your daily diet



Should we grow our own food?

A. Yes

B. No

Micronutrients are nutrients

A. Vital for correct body function

B. Important for development

C. Needed in small amounts

D. All of the above

Macronutrients are measured in Grams



What are some positive outcomes of good nutrition?

A. Improved ability to exercise

B. Increased mental acuity

C. A wider selection of foods

D. Improved health and disease prevention

Industrial food produces more pollution than organic food because…….

A. Organic food has more pollution.

B. Industrial food is less places

C. Industrial food has more chemical runoffs.

D. Industrial organic is only kept on farms

The organic food industry includes

A. processes, manufacturers and exporters

B. growers

C. retailers and customers

D. all of the above

What food is more organic?

A. Fruit

B. Fish

C. Chicken

D. meat

What is the Definition of Nutrition?

A. The process of providing the body with sugar.

B. The process of growing hair.

C. The process of providing the body with foods needed for proper growth.

D. The process of making you drink water.

Micronutrients consist of.

A. Vitamins

B. Lipids

C. Minerals

D. Proteins

What is an example of organic food?

A. An egg from a hen farm that uses cages to house the hens

B. A tomato that is genetically modified to delay ripening

C. A filet from a cow that was raised on hormone-free feed

D. A potato that is grown using industrial pesticides

The main difference between macro-and micronutrients is:

A. The amount of the nutrient needed by the body.

B. The food source(s) of the nutrients.

C. The role(s) they play in the body.


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