Medical Quiz

Skin Structure Quiz

Nerve endings are most abundant on the

A. eyelids

B. elbows

C. fingertips

D. palms and soles

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Neurology › View

In case of an emergency, how should you move a person with a suspected spinal injury?


B. Use the barrelling technique

C. Use the log-roll technique

D. Move them however you want, as long as the head is kept stable and in line with the spinal cord

Cell Cycle › View

What is different between how plant and animal cells use the cell cycle?

A. Plant cells use the cell cycle for energy, while animal cells use the cell cycle for sugar.

B. Plant cells are able to complete the cell cycle without using O2, but animals can not.

C. Plant cells create a cell plate since they are very rigid.

D. Animal cells create a cell plate since they are very flexible.