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Are recessive traits shown with capital or lowercase letters?
A. Capital
B. Lowercase

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Disease, Illness and Sickness Pulmonology/Respiratory Proteins, Amino Acids, & Enzymes Hazards & Risks Gaseous Exchange in Humans Normal Radiographic Anatomy Principles of Microbiology Characteristics of Life Nutrition - Digestive System Cell - Fundamental Unit of Life Microbes The Musculoskeletal and Integumentary Systems Properties of Hair and Scalp SPED Law-lympics Vision

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Protozoan Diseases › View

Something capable of spreading disease without being infected itself (rats, mosquitoes, soil parasites)

A. Vector

B. Hazard

C. Virus

D. Infection

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What about Perth’s climate makes it liveable?

A. It experiences extreme colds in winter and extreme heat in summer which balances everything out.

B. Its average temperature is tolerable even though it receives little rainfall all year.

C. It experiences high temperatures year round.

D. Its average temperature is tolerable and it receives a decent amount of rain.