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Life Processes Quiz

A. Pumps blood to the body

B. Pumps blood to the lungs

C. Receives blood from the body

D. Receives blood from the lungs

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3M Micropara Geriatrics Bone, Spine, and Joint Pathology Joints & Movement Bone Shapes & Long Bone Anatomy Mutations Circulatory System - Pathway of Blood Regulation of Heart Rate Herd Immunity Cardiovascular System Antibiotic in Orthopaedics Inflammation and Healing Blood clotting Nervous System/Endocrine System Lung & Breathing

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What bone is highlighted?

A. Ribs

B. Cranium

C. Clavicle

D. Femur

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Cyanide affects cattle through which of the following?

A. apple tree leave

B. hay

C. water

D. vegetables