Medical Quiz

Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Quiz

What may increase the risk of a developmental disability?

A. a healthy diet

B. low birth weight

C. reading to a child

D. safety and security

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History of Healthcare Circulation and Excretion Cartilage Human Body Fitness Asexual/Sexual Reproduction Disease Parts of the Brain Central and Peripheral Nervous System Heart Vocab and Blood Flow Pathway Gene Expression Auditory and Vestibular Neurology Digestive System Medical Terminology RDA Dental Caries Diseases of The Nervous System

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Which of the following microorganisms causes bacterial soft rot?

A. Enterobacter faecalis

B. Erwinia carotovora

C. Pectobacterium carotovorum

D. Pseudomonas fluorescens

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What are the expanded ends of a long bone called?

A. Diaphysis

B. Epiphyses

C. Spongy Bone

D. Compact Bone