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Disability Etiquette & Physical Activities Quiz

What may increase the risk of a developmental disability?

A. a healthy diet

B. low birth weight

C. reading to a child

D. safety and security

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Lipid Metabolism CNA Introduction Respiratory and Urinary Prehabilitation and Conditioning Sensory Disorder The Nervous System Muscles and Movements Human Reproduction Communicable Disease Phlebotomy Medical Terminology General Anatomy Heart Structure and Double Circulation Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Muscular System NCHSE Circulatory & Respiratory

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Anatomy & Physiology › View

A(n) ____ muscle that is not duplicated anywhere else in the body is the cardiac muscle.

A. smooth

B. striated

C. involuntary

D. nonstriated

The Respiratory System › View

The air sacs that are covered with capillaries where gas exchange takes place are found in..?

A. bronchi

B. lungs

C. oxygen

D. alveoli