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Nervous System Quiz

The outer layer of the eye that is the “white” of the eye is called the

A. Pupil

B. Choriod

C. Retina

D. Sclera

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Urinary System › View

Which sequence properly describes the flow of filtrate through the nephron?

A. Glomerulus, peritubular capillaries, renal artery, arteriole, venule, renal vein

B. Collecting duct, distal tubule, nephron loop, proximal tubule, glomerular capsule

C. Proximal tubule, nephron loop, glomerular capsule, distal tubule, collecting duct

D. Glomerular capsule, proximal tubule, nephron loop, distal tubule, collecting duct

Defining Health and Wellness › View

_________ is a balance of physical, mental and emotional, and social health

A. wellness

B. health

C. wellbeing

D. healthy