Medical Quiz

Disorders of The Joints Quiz

Which are the ligaments of the hip joint

A. Ilio-femoral ligament, pubo-femoral ligament, anterior cruciate ligament, ligamentum teres femoris

B. Ischiofemoral ligament, tibial collateral ligament, fibular collateral ligament

C. Ligamentum teres femoris, patellar ligament, plantar calcaneonavicular ligament

D. Ilio femoral ligament, pubo-femoral ligament, ischio-femoral ligament, ligamentum teres femoris

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Other quiz: Heredity

Juan’s dog, Luna, was hit by a car. Fortunately, she lived and is healthy! But she is now missing a leg. Having only three legs is a(n)

A. inherited trait.

B. learned behavior.

C. instinct.

D. acquired trait.