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Cardiorespiratory System Quiz

After picking up oxygen from the lungs and going back to the heart, the correct order of an oxygenated red blood cell traveling to a muscle from the heart is

A. Vein, capillary, muscle

B. Vein, artery, muscle

C. Artery, capillary, muscle

D. Artery, vein, muscle

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What relationship exists between genes and chromosomes?

A. Genes are located on chromosomes which are found in the nucleus of cells.

B. Genes produce chromosomes which transmit traits from one generation to another.

C. Genes are made up of chromosomes which move from the nucleus to the cytoplasm.

D. Genes and chromosomes produce alleles which determine the phenotype of offspring.

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the water reaches to the top of high trees according to the phenomenon of …..

A. imbibition

B. capillarity

C. cohesion, adhesion& transpiration pull

D. root pressure