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Cardiorespiratory System Quiz

What is the correct pathway for inhaled oxygen to get to a muscle?

A. Mouth, lungs, trachea, capillaries, heart, arteries, muscles

B. Mouth, trachea, lungs, heart, capillaries, arteries, muscles

C. Mouth, trachea, lungs, capillaries, heart, veins, muscles

D. Mouth, trachea, lungs, capillaries, heart, arteries, muscles

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Why is it important to keep bones healthy?

A. Bones stop growing longer around age 25.

B. Bones can break easily.

C. Bones are alive and working.

D. Bones only grow once.

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It serves as one of our primary defense against pathogenic organisms and other organisms that can cause various diseases.

A. heart

B. liver

C. muscles

D. integument