Medical Quiz

Contemporary Nutrition Issues Quiz


Which of the following diet-related disorders has the highest economic cost in Australia?

A. Cardiovascular disease

B. Gluten intolerance

C. Type 2 Diabetes

D. Osteoperosis

Which dish could a vegan eat to assist in preventing anaemia?

A. Macaroni and cheese

B. Grilled fish and salad

C. Fruit salad with coconut milk yoghurt

D. Chickpea, spinach and citrus salad

Which of the following contributes to the risk of cardiovascular disease?

A. Omega 3 fatty acids

B. Low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol

C. High density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol

D. A diet rich in sugar and monounsaturated fatty acids

Which combination of medical conditions is most significantly related to cardiovascular disease?

A. Atherosclerosis and stroke

B. Type 2 diabetes and anaemia

C. Diverticulitis and osteoporosis

D. Hypertension and dental caries

A elderly person who consumes a low fibre diet is at risk of developing which dietary disorder?

A. Anaemia

B. Diverticulitis

C. Dental Caries

D. Coeliac Disease

Which health issue is supported by Coeliac Australia?

A. Diabetes

B. Colon cancer

C. Gluten intolerance

D. Lactose intolerance

Kim’s diet consists primarily of meat and dairy products.

From which disorder related to undernutrition is Kim most likely to suffer?

A. Anaemia

B. Constipation

C. Hypertension

D. Osteoperosis

An example of a community group that promotes health in Australian society is



C. Meals on Wheels

D. NSW Food Authority

Why is fibre classified as an active non-nutrient?

A. It is essential in the diet

B. It provides fuel for energy

C. It is not absorbed in the digestive system

D. It provides a range of vitamins and minerals

In which of the following are BOTH factors economic costs most likely to be associated with malnutrition?

A. Decreased taxes and change in diet

B. Increased medical costs and loss of income

C. Increased absenteeism at work and weight loss

D. Decreased health insurances and limited mobility

In order to prevent neural tube defects in infants, pregnant women are recommended to increase their intake of

A. folate

B. protein

C. calcium

D. vitamin D

In general, which drink is the best option for athletes to use to rehydrate?

A. Water

B. Isotonic drink

C. Coconut water

D. Electrolyte drink

Vegetarians need to take particular care to include which of the following in their diet?

A. Iron

B. Sodium

C. Vitamin D

D. Dietary fibre

A government initiative promoting health to Australians is

A. Dance 4 Diabetes

B. Jump Rope for Heart

C. Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

D. Australian Guide to Healthy Eating

Which is the best nutritional advice for a teenager who wants to avoid developing osteoporosis in the future?

A. Eat dairy foods

B. Spend time in the sun

C. Take a calcium supplement

D. Increase consumption of red meat


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