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Which of the following is not a way to keep healthy?

A. sleeping 8 hours

B. having a balanced diet

C. being with friends

D. drinking 3 litres of water

E. having a hobby

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Muscle Histology Integumentary and Musculoskeletal Systems Protozoan Diseases Regulating the Cell Cycle Disease and Immunity Muscles and Movements Microorganism - Diseases Composition of Blood and Blood Cells Body Defense Disease Cardiovascular Pathophysiology CLPT, M.Pharmacy, Pharmaceutics; Regulatory Affairs Pharmacology Anatomy: Muscle Bones, Joints and Muscles

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For a healthy diet, you should eat food with…

A. More carbohydrates

B. More fat, sodium and added sugars

C. Less saturated fat, sodium and added sugars

D. None of the above

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As part of the immune system, white blood cells fight germs. Another name for white blood cells is:

A. Rhinovirus

B. Leukocytes

C. Glands

D. Nodes