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Major Organs Quiz

BPM means…

A. beats per month

B. beats per minute

C. beats por minuto

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Diseases of The Body Systems Purpose and Function of the Skeletal System Musculoskeletal System Heart Virus, Bacteria, Immunity Agents of Disease Circulatory & Respiratory Introduction to Histology Physio Intro Practice Parathyroid Gland Type of Dementia Bones Medicinal use of Microorganisims Hematologic System Nutritional Trivia

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CRISPR and Sickle-Cell Disease › View

What is the main concern regarding off-target edits in CRISPR–Cas9 therapies?

A. Introduction of unwanted mutations

B. Increased risk of cancer

C. Inadequate genetic diversity in the analysis

D. Insufficient sampling of cells from sickle-cell disease patients

Confusion, Dementia, & Alzheimers Disease › View

when someone sees, hears, smells, tastes, or feels things that are not there

A. delusions

B. hallucinations

C. illusions

D. craziness