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Body Systems Quiz

What is the purpose of the muscular system?

A. To breathe

B. To digest food

C. To move

D. To release hormones

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Nutrition In Animal Muscle & Nerve Tissue Adaptive Immune System Genes, Chromosomes and Genome Nutrition & Wellness Sources Of Food History of Healthcare DNA Replication Blood and Bones Bones, Joints and Muscles Clinical Pathology Healthy Living Maximal Oxygen Consumption (VO2 Max) Surgical tech-safety First Aid Bleeding

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Your patient has been impaled through the right thigh by a long piece of metal bar. You should:

A. carefully remove the object

B. tie both legs together

C. stabilize the object with bulky dressing

D. cut both ends of the bar to make it shorter

Medical Terminology › View

Which cavity includes the heart and lungs?

A. Thoracic

B. Cranial

C. Abdominal

D. Retroperitoneal