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Excretory System Quiz


Name the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder?
A.     Adrenal tubes
B.     Kidneys
C.     Ureters
D.     Urethras

Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?
A. ureters
B. urethra
C. urinary bladder
D. urea

What are the goals of hemodialysis?

A. Removal of waste products

B. Regulation of fluid balance

C. Correction of electrolyte and acid/base balance

D. All of the above

Loop of Henle dips into

A. Cortex

B. Medulla

C. Both of above

D. None of the above

Name the step by Substances are filtered through Glomerous

A. Selective Reabsorption

B. Selective Secretion

C. Glomerular Filteration

Under normal conditions, which of the following substances is found in urine?
A.     blood cells
B.     urea
C.     glucose
D.     protein

The long dip in the renal tubule is called the: 

A. loop of Henle

B. loop of Rachic

C. loop of Henry

D. loop of Harry 

In which excretory organ is urea produced?
A. skin
B. liver
C. kidneys
D. lungs

Which excretory organ eliminates water and some chemical wastes in perspiration?
A. lungs
B. skin
C. liver
D. kidneys

Efferent arteriole has diameter ………. than/ to afferent arteriole.

A. Larger

B. smaller

C. equal

The temperature of the blood is lowered before passing through dialysis machine to prevent-

A. clotting of blood

B. Proteins being denatured

_________ is the outer layer of the kidney.

A. Cortex

B. Medulla

C. Pelvis

Bowman’s capsule and glomerulus together are called

A. renal tubules

B. Malphigian tubule

C. Mammalian tubule

Following structures are situated in cortical region of kidneys

A. Malpighian corpuscle



D. All of the above

The process of removal of the body’s wastes is called
A. gas exchange.
B. respiration.
C. excretion.
D. filtration.

Which organ of the excretory system stores urine until the body is ready to eliminate it?

A. ureters

B. urethra

C. urinary bladder

D. urea

Using the picture, what is the structure of A?
A.     ureter
B.     kidney
C.     urinary bladder
D.     urethra

In a healthy person, red blood cells, platelets and plasma proteins are

A. absent in filtrate and urine

B. present in filtrate and urine

C. absent in filtrate and present in urine

D. absent in urine and present in filtrate

Tiny filtering structures where urine is produced in the kidneys are called
A.     ureters
B.     alveoli
C.     nephron
D.     bronchi

The basic functional units of the kidneys are

A. neurons

B. nephron

C. ureter

D. glomerulus

In a healthy person, the main job of the kidney is to produce urine that contains

A. indigestible foods and bacteria.

B. glucose and amino acids.

C. toxic waste products of metabolism.

D. water and plasma proteins.

Name “A”, “C”, “E” respectively in this Unlabeled Diagram

A. A=Kidney ;C=Urethra ;E=Urinary Bladder

B. A= Urethra;C=Kidney ;E=Ureters

C. A=Kidney ;C=Ureters ;E=Urinary Bladder

D. None of Them

Blood from glomerulus is carried away by

A. Afferent arteriole

B. Efferent arteriole

C. Both of above

D. None of above

Which of the following is not part of excretion?

A. remove toxic materials

B. remove undigested food

C. remove waste product of metabolism

D. remove substances in excess of requirement

After someone has a kidney transplant, they never need dialysis again




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