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Excretory System Quiz


Name the tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the bladder?
A.     Adrenal tubes
B.     Kidneys
C.     Ureters
D.     Urethras

Name the step by Substances are filtered through Glomerous

A. Selective Reabsorption

B. Selective Secretion

C. Glomerular Filteration

The area influenced by hormones in order to regulate water balance in the body.

A. Loop of Henle

B. Proximal convoluted tubule

C. Distal convoluted tubule

D. Collecting tubule

The dialysis fluid contains a lower concentration of urea so that urea from the patient’s blood can diffuse into the dialysis fluid. 



Using the picture, what is the function of structure C?
A.     Carries urine away from the kidneys
B.     Stores urine
C.     Eliminates urea, excess water, and some other materials
D.     Carries urine away from body and eliminates it

In Reabsorption process nearly _____ percent of filtrate is reabsorbed by renal tubules to release 1.5 lit urine/ day from 180 lit filtrate formed per day

A. 93

B. 95

C. 97

D. 99

Which of the following is not part of excretion?

A. remove toxic materials

B. remove undigested food

C. remove waste product of metabolism

D. remove substances in excess of requirement

______ is considered as the basic functional unit of the human kidney

A. Blood

B. Nephron

C. Cilia

D. Electron

Antidiuretic hormone controls the permeability of……….. to the DCT

A. Water

B. Sodium

C. Amino acids

D. Potassium

The excretory system rids the body of ______ waste.
A. solid
B. liquid

Under normal conditions, which of the following substances is found in urine?

A. blood cells

B. protein

C. glucose

D. urea

Kidneys create a liquid called:

A. Urine

B. Blood

C. Faeces

D. Carbon Dioxide

Average weight of human kidney is

A. 90-140 g

B. 100-150 g

C. 110-160g

D. 120-170 g

Amount of blood filtered by kidneys per minute

A. 1000-1100 ml

B. 1100-1200 ml

C. 1200-1300 ml

D. 1300-1400 ml

Each kidney has nearly _________ million complex tubular structures called nephrons

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Tiny filtering structures where urine is produced in the kidneys are called
A. ureters.
B. alveoli.
C. nephrons.
D. bronchi.

Which kidney is slightly superior in position?

A. right

B. left

C. no difference

Where is urine stored?

A. kidneys

B. bladder

C. urethra

D. ureters

The ___________ is responsible for the elimination of wastes produced by homeostasis.

A. excretory system

B. digestive system

C. nervous system

D. circulatory system

What are the two different types of dialysis?

A. Hemodialysis (HD) and peritoneal dialysis (PD)

B. Hemodialysis and chronic kidney dialysis

C. Peritoneal dialysis and kidney disease dialysis

D. None of the above

Histologically cortex part of kidney is made up of large number of ……..

A. Pyramids

B. Nephrons

C. Blood cells

D. Collecting ducts

In Plants, CO2 and water are excreted resp. by

A. Transportation; Excretion

B. Transpiration; Leaf

C. Stomata; Transpiration

D. Vacuoles; Transportation

_________ is the outer layer of the kidney.

A. Cortex

B. Medulla

C. Pelvis

Which of the following is/are the function of Kidney?

A. Carry Urine

B. Store Urine

C. Filter Waste products from blood

D. Remove Urine

Normal pH range of urine lies between

A. 2-6

B. 4-8

C. 6-10

D. 8-12


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