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Breathing ...Respiration Quiz

Which of the following organs involved in the digestive system does NOT produce digestive enzymes?

A. pancreas

B. stomach

C. ileum

D. liver

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Excretion-Dialysis › View

On average, how many times a week do people need dialysis?

A. Every day

B. 3 times per week

C. 2 times per week

D. 1 time per week

Circulation and Excretion › View

Why do capillary beds have such low pressure?

A. The don’t, they have very high blood pressure to force the diffusion of oxygen and nutrients into cells.

B. Fluid loss from arteries is high enought that pressure drops by the time blood reaches capillaries.

C. The total cross-section diameter of the arterial circulation increases with progression from the artery to arteriole to capillary,leading to reduced blood pressure.