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Major Internal Organs of the Body Quiz

Support and movement of the body.

A. heart

B. stomach

C. bones and muscles

D. lungs

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Digestion › View

Which of these foods are good sources of vitamins and minerals?

A. fruit and veg

B. pasta and bread

C. milk and eggs

D. beans and pulses

Vision › View

As I was driving along the freeway, a huge truck came hurtling up behind me. It seemed to take ages for the long body to get past as it overtook me. Afterwards, it gradually disappeared up the road in front of me. Which of the following principles would I have applied to help me realise that the truck remained the same size, although its image on my retinas changed?

A. shape constancy and size constancy

B. size constancy and orientation constancy

C. brightness constancy and orientation constancy

D. brightness constancy and size constancy