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Pathophysiology Quiz

When the regular delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cell is disrupted, the patient is in a state of:

A. hypoperfusion (shock)

B. pneumothorax

C. stroke

D. hypotension

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Thrombosis, Emboliya › View

Indicate the possible consequences of thrombosis in the veins of the human legs:

A. Pulmonary artery thromboembolism

B. cerebral artery embolism

C. portal hypertension

D. renal vascular embolism

E. Intestinal vascular embolism

Pathophysiology › View

An example of _____ is someone working out with weights to increase the mass of their skeletal muscles.

A. physiological hypertrophy

B. pathological hypertrophy

C. apoptosis

D. physiological atrophy