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The nervous system & brain Quiz


Jack fell off of his bike and hit his head. He sat up and his vision was quite blurred. Identify the area of the brain he may have injured.

A. frontal lobe

B. temporal lobe

C. occipital lobe

D. parietal lobe

The central nervous system is comprised of the:

A. peripheral nervous system and autonomic nervous system.

B. spinal cord and somatic nervous system.

C. brain and spinal cord.

D. peripheral nervous system and nervous system.

Identify the branch of the autonomic nervous system that activates the fight-flight-freeze response:

A. central nervous system

B. autonomic nervous system

C. parasympathetic nervous system

D. sympathetic nervous system

According to the above diagram, which lobe of the cerebral cortex is shaded pale pink?

A. frontal lobe

B. occipital lobe

C. temporal lobe

D. parietal lobe

From the options given below, identify which brain structure is implicated in basic survival functions such as eating, drinking and reproduction.

A. hypothalamus

B. cerebellum

C. amygdala

D. hippocampus

In which of the following lobes of the brain would you find the primary auditory area?

A. occipital

B. parietal

C. temporal

D. frontal

The occipital lobe is primarily responsible for:

A. processing visual information.

B. processing auditory information.

C. processing sensations.

D. language production.

The brain’s ability to substantially rewire itself in response to environmental demand including disease, injury or learning experiences is called:

A. limbic system.

B. neurotransmission.

C. neuroplasticity.

D. electrochemical process.

Jerry wakes up one morning to find that people around him are using words that make no sense to him, and they also don’t seem to understand what he is saying. Jerry’s wife tells him that their son is now working with dinosaurs and when he looks puzzled, she holds up his amusement park uniform and repeats, ‘you know, the dinosaur ride’.

Jerry’s situation is most likely which of the following disorders?

A. Broca’s aphasia

B. Geshwind’s territory aphasia

C. Wernicke’s aphasia

D. Spatial aphasia

Day to day ordinary bodily functions are controlled by the __________ division.

A. sympathetic

B. somatic

C. parasympathetic

D. central

Which of the following is the correct path of a reflex arc?

A. motor neuron to sensory neuron to interneuron

B. sensory neuron to interneuron to motor neuron

C. sensory neuron to motor neuron to the brain

D. motor neuron to interneuron to sensory neuron

The area of the brain that provides a connection between Broca’s area and Wernicke’s area is called:

A. Wernicke’s area.

B. Broca’s area.

C. Burton’s area.

D. Geschwind’s territory.

If you burn your hand, your immediate reaction will probably involve all but which of the following?

A. motor neurons

B. the spinal cord

C. the brain

D. sensory neurons

Which of the following is not a function of the sympathetic division?

A. accelerates heart rate

B. dilates bronchi

C. dilates pupils

D. increases stomach and pancreas activity

The two forms of reflexes are:

A. motor and sensory.

B. extensor and intensor.

C. monosynaptic and polysynaptic.

D. conscious and unconscious.

The set of neural fibres that connect the two hemispheres is known as:

A. the thalamus.

B. the cerebral cortex.

C. the corpus callosum.

D. the cerebrum.

Steve had a small stroke that resulted in partial paralysis of his left side. The damaged area is most likely in his _____________ lobe.

A. left temporal

B. left frontal

C. right parietal

D. right frontal

George is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumour. The surgeon applies electrical stimulation to various areas around the tumour, causing George to report tingling sensations in various areas of his skin. The tumour is most likely in which lobe of George’s brain?

A. frontal

B. temporal

C. parietal

D. occipital

When typing on your computer, the individual motions of your fingers on the keys are most likely being controlled by:

A. sympathetic neurons.

B. autonomic neurons.

C. sensory neurons.

D. motor neurons.

Maria is having difficulty with speech. She wants to say she ‘needs milk from the store’, but what she does say is ‘mint…go…from… stair’. Maria is likely to be suffering from which disorder?

A. Wernicke’s aphasia

B. Broca’s aphasia

C. Spatial neglect

D. Geschwind’s territory aphasia


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