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Pathophysiology Quiz

The smallest vessel that carries deoxygenated blood is called a(n):

A. artery

B. arteriole

C. vein

D. venule

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Cardiac & Diseases of Blood Flow › View

What medications are used to treat hypertension?

A. a. ACE inhibitors
b. Bile acid sequestrants
c. Calcium antagonists

B. a. ACE inhibitors
b. Diuretics
c. Calcium antagonists

C. a. ACE inhibitors
b. Anti-diuretics
c. Fibrates

D. a. ACE inhibitors
b. Statins
c. Calcium antagonists

Anatomy And Physiology › View

A sagittal section cuts the body into ____ and ____ parts.

A. Right and Left

B. Superior and Inferior

C. Anterior and Posterior