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Phlebotomy Medical Terminology Quiz

A large WBC (phagocytic) found at sites of infection.

A. Phlebitis

B. Melanocytes

C. Necrosis

D. Macrophage

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Produce the female gamete and the hormone oestrogen

A. Ovary

B. Fallopian tube

C. Pituitary gland

D. Cervix

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You have a patient with a very low blood pressure of 80/60 mm Hg. What are the possible consequences of this low blood pressure on capillary function?  

A. Mean arterial pressure (MAP) would not be high enough for adequate capillary exchange to occur.

B. Capillaries may rupture

C. Tissues would become ischemic because of lack of adequate perfusion.    

D. Both a and c are correct.