Medical Quiz

Blood/Lymphatic/Immune Quiz


__________ is a prefix that means self.

A. -penia

B. anti-

C. auto-

D. meta-

A medical term that can be used to describe platelets is ___________.

A. lymphocytes

B. leukocytes

C. erythrocytes

D. thrombocytes

Which type of immunity is considered short-term and comes from antibodies produced by a body other than your own?

A. Acquired passive immunity

B. Natural immunity

C. Lymphatic immunity

D. Acquired active immunity

Lymph differs from blood in that it does not contain erythrocytes or ___________.

A. Thrombocytes

B. Plasma

C. Leukocytes

D. Neutrophils

__________ is a suffix that means deficiency.

A. ly/o

B. immun/o

C. -oma

D. -penia

________ is a combining form that means red.

A. Hemat/o

B. Leuk/p

C. Kary/o

D. Erythr/o

Lymph is a colorless or faintly yellow fluid that helps remove waste, toxins, and other harmful substances from the body.



Which body system serves to protect your body against infection and disease and is not contained within any one location in the body?

A. Lymphatic System

B. Drainage System

C. Cardiovascular System

D. Immune system

Erthyrocytes are white blood cells that come in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Thrombocytes are irregularly shaped cell fragments that aid in coagulation (blood clotting).



Erythrocytes are small, round, biconcave cells that transport oxygen and carbon dioxide through the blood.



Which type of immunity is developed after exposure to a disease or vaccine?

A. Natural immunity

B. acquired active immunity

C. acquired passive immunity

D. acquired gained immunity

Which type of immunity are you born with?

A. acquired immunity

B. Natural immunity

C. acquired active immunity

D. acquired passive immunity

________ is a suffix that means formation

A. -poeisis

B. -oma

C. -penia

D. -phage

____________ is a combining form that means bone marrow; spinal cord.

A. Myel/o

B. Erythr/o

C. Cyt/o

D. Lymph/o

Thrombocytes aid in _________.

A. Immune surveillance

B. Destroying pathogens

C. Coagulation

D. The inflammatory response


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